Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should you have Concrete Landscape Curbing?

The main reason property owners have concrete curbing is because they are tired of replacing rusted metal or broken plastic edging, year after year. Concrete curbing allows them to no longer worry about this issue. Also, they don't like the look that plastic edging gives their landscape. Concrete curbing enhances your landscape and increases your property value.

Concrete curbing is the perfect solution to a long time problem. Extruded concrete can follow any curve or design that your landscape may have. It's much different than trying to bend metal or plastic to look like a curve.

The extruded process allows Linke’s Concrete Creations to:

·         Actually mix the concrete onsite

·         Add custom colors and patterns to match your brick, stone, or a specific landscape color that you may have chosen in your flower beds or garden.

With a continuous concrete landscape curb, you will stop the unwanted grass and weeds from invading your beautiful landscape. It also prevents erosion of mulch and soil.  With the proper care, concrete landscape curbing can last the lifetime of your home.

Replacing existing edging with Concrete Curbing:  Will it affect my landscaping?

Linke’s Concrete Creations will remove the existing edging and cut a 9 inch wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. This will allow them to extrude the concrete curb against your current landscape edge.

If you have any sprinkler heads on the outside of your existing landscape edge, they will need to be moved (in many cases, we can do this for you). If they are inside your landscape edging, the concrete curbing installation process will not affect them.

Will I be able to mow up against my Concrete Curbing?

Your concrete curbing will be as strong as 3000psi and will withstand your lawnmower’s weight to ride along the edge of the curbing.

The blades of your mower can damage your curbing; we do not recommend putting the deck of the mower over the concrete curbing.

Are wood barriers set up in order to do concrete landscape curbing?
No, our machine extrudes the concrete into a continuous concrete curb.

How long does the process take?
Depending on the type and footage of the installation, it typically takes only 1 day.

Do you use reinforcement in your curbing?
Yes, we use reinforced fibers in all of our curbing.

Will the color fade over the years?
No, we use integral colors in our mixtures and a sealer is applied to prevent fading.

Should we re-seal our edging and how often does our edging need to be re-sealed?

Re-sealing is a good maintenance practice.  Our recommendation is re-sealing every 2 years.

Does Concrete Creations offer re-sealing services?

Yes we do offer re-sealing at a nominal fee.  Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you that service.